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"Mentoring young people is important!  Post-president, I like the idea of going around to various cities and

helping to create mentorships and apprenticeships and just giving young people the sense of possibilities."

Barrack Obama, United States President

“Our young adults should not be on the endangered class list.”


L.A.S.T. Transition House is a California (Solano County and neighboring counties) 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation and Non-Public Housing Program created to help reduce youth homelessness after foster care emancipation. We facilitate and support the National effort to empower our youth through Learning, Attitude, Stability and Triumph.

"More than 500,000 children are in foster care across the country at any moment and more than 20,000 leave the system every year, whether or not they are ready, because they turn 18.  The results are predictable, said William Bell, president of Seattle-based Casey Family Programs: A disproportionate number end up homeless or in jail."

Mark Sherman, Associated Press Writer

“Promoting constructive development in young adults struggling with key life issues.”


L.A.S.T. (Learning, Attitude, Stability, Triumph) Transition House provides young adults emancipating from the Solano County and neighboring county foster care system, the opportunity to develop or enhance the life skills necessary to gain independence.


Our philosophy is to empower young adults with knowledge and manageable life skills in order to reduce the number of youths who become homeless, incarcerated, or victims of self destruction.

“We offer emancipated foster care youths an opportunity to participate in a self-help program.”


A California (Solano County and neighboring counties) 501(c) (3) Non-Profit Corporation, created to help prevent youth homelessness after foster care emancipation. Our Transitional Independent Living Program targets young adults between the ages of 18 through 24 years old who are emancipating from the foster care system. Target groups also include young adults who are not candidates for reunification with family and those at high risk of becoming homeless who have already emancipated from the foster care system within 120 days.

“Help us to enable young adults in the realization of a productive life.”


All donations to the L.A.S.T. Transition House Program are greatly appreciated. Young adults emancipating from the foster care system face enormous challenges. You can help us to aid these youths on their journey into productive young adulthood with your contributions.

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“Establishing relationships with parallel organizations to empower our youth

in the realization of their dreams.”


L.A.S.T. (Learning, Attitude, Stability, Triumph) Transition House is committed to providing programs and services which enable young adults emancipating from the Solano County and neighboring counties foster care system to develop or enhance the life skills necessary to gain independence.


  -- increase the awareness and availability of community resources to assist our transitioning youths;

  -- advance and support research of effective strategies for young adults transitioning out of foster care; and

  -- the continued development of programs addressing the welfare of our young adults.


We work with organizations with similar goals and objectives to promote optimal development in young adults struggling with tactical life skill issues.

“We promote constructive development in young adults struggling with key life issues.”


L.A.S.T. Transition House program has been created as a result of the vision of Mrs. Linda Turner, a staunch advocate and supporter of our socially disenfranchised foster youths.

Mrs. Turner, a philanthropist, has spent the last couple of years researching and developing this transition program gateway concept. As an active Court Appointed Special Advocate for youths currently emancipating out of the Solano County and neighboring counties Foster Care system; Mrs. Turner uncovered an under-served need to a segment of our community. It became apparent through her social activism, that these young adults may soon be “at risk” based on their lack of life skill preparedness.


After multiple brainstorming forums with CASA members and other affiliates; the pivotal question was formed: “What ‘independence enabling’ housing resources exist for those youths that are transitioning out of foster care who have no real hope of reunification with their families?” Understanding the anguish these young adults experience because they are not equipped to manage independently moved Mrs. Turner to establish the L.A.S.T. Transition House Program.

Mrs. Turner has established a staff of advisors for the L.A.S.T. Transition House program comprised of diverse professionals whose commitment to the youth of our community is demonstrated by their contributions as resources to our program. The L.A.S.T. Transition House has a working Board of Directors who are committed to building a housing program that enables productive young adults in the community; and establishes these young adults as residents beneficially connected to the community.

“A housing center ‘in and connected to’ the community”


Want to get involved? Have time to volunteer? Want to connect as a community resource? Are you a program sponsor? Want to be a corporate affiliate? Please contact us at the following email addresses for your specific considerations and communications:

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